Taking 7th For A Test Drive – Random thoughts.


I finally got a game of 7th edition in against my regular opponent Rob, it turned out to be an enjoyable and educational game that highlighted just how different it can be to 6th…….


……..We tried out the ‘Maelstrom of War: Contact Lost’ mission with the 1500pt armies that we will be using at the ‘Warrior Abroad’ event this weekend. We both used a Heldrake and a Sorceror with very mixed results. Rob’s Nurgle Sorceror (level 2) achieved very little all game, not helped by him being forced to ‘waste’ a power rolling on the Nurgle table. My Sorceror on the other hand (level 3, spell familiar, no mark, Daemon), was embarrassingly effective. Cursed Earth with Incorporeal Bodies (Crimson Slaughter Possessed), saw them with 2+ invulnerables a couple of times. The 40 Daemonettes summoned over the game was just a kick in the teeth for Rob’s beleaguered forces.

The Heldrakes proved to be a very mixed bag. They still hose infantry down easily enough, but the changes to their rules no longer make them the no-brainer that they once were. We both spent a couple of turns with them in ‘hover’ mode or whatever it’s called now, and neither Heldrake proved to be that effective…..although Rob’s did take the Last wound from my Slaanesh Lord! Fortunately this is good news for me and Rob because neither of us like flyers in the game, so we’ll just take more cool stuff instead B) .

Maelstrom of War

More than any other rules changes, these missions are the biggest change in 7th. Everything you thought you knew goes out of the window with these missions. The speed at which the objectives change can leave you with the feeling that a battle plan is obsolete compared to the ability to react quickly. Speed will be the key to success with these missions, although a Drop Pod army will probably be able to stick to a battle plan. Being forced to alter your game plan every turn makes for a very exciting game with plenty of tactical decisions to be made……do you gut a nearby enemy unit, or stay where you are and claim the objective? It does leave me with the feeling that I’m being led by the nose and I’m not in control of the game at times, but I do like the change of pace that Maelstrom of War offers.

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I really enjoyed my first game of 7th. It’s a great game and suits my RPG orientated approach to 40k. The open ended nature of 40k allows for any scenario you can imagine to be played out.

Time will tell if the competitive scene can develop a comp system to make it work at that level, but the open-ended rules make me think that it won’t suit my tastes. I’ve never liked the Battle Brothers rules and in 7th, they’ve made them even worse in my opinion. Listen to any Podcast or read any forum and it’s very rare that people talk about anything other than which allies to use in order to stack USR’s (stackhammer?). I want a game that encourages tactics and strategies, where I’m out-manoeuvred, led into a trap or just out-played rather than a game where I get to the table and know I’ve lost just by looking at my opponent’s list. Sadly (for me) the competitive scene just wants to play stackhammer, so there’ll be no sudden return to the hardcore tournament scene for me.

Hopefully, there will still be other events that will suit my tastes and I’m fortunate enough to have the Cold Steel Mercs to battle it out with if there isn’t.

Until next time…….Stay Frosty!  



3 thoughts on “Taking 7th For A Test Drive – Random thoughts.

  1. I played little Mark a couple of weeks back at 1500pts. I must say I didn’t get too in depth with the new rules due to him taking a Forge World Super Heavy, pumping out an 8″ Blast of death every turn against my World Eaters, and I capitulated in Turn 4. He took an Iron Hands Librarian and TBH he was very ineffectual playing no real part in the game.
    We didn’t use the new missions this time, but from the feedback I’m picking up across forums and talking to people they definitly bring a hole different spect to the game. I just need to get myself a set now, more easier said than done as GW seem to always out of stock. Althought I did manage to get myself a set of Psychic cards from Triple Helix the last time I placed an order.

    • One of the things I noticed was the increased book keeping and accessories required. I need my rulebook, CSM dex, Crimson Slaughter Dex, Daemon Dex, 6 counters for Scouring, 6 counters for tactical objectives, psychic cards and tactical objective cards…..I’m left with very little room on the table to put my models 😉

      • Hmm I can see what you mean, our game was much th same as 6th, but with GW introducing so many random dynamincs I envisage the pile of cards & books required for a game to keep on growing.

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