My Ultramarines so far…

I thought I would share a few photos of my Ultramarines so far.

They need some bits and bobs doing (campaign badges for the bikes, the serg’s loin cloth needs detailing that sort of stuff) but are largely complete.

I’m torn between what to take to Ribble.

Either wolves or Ultramarines.

I have a lot to paint for my Ultramarines though so I may submit two lists. A wolf list which is already painted and my Ultramarine list in case I can get them finished.

One good thing of going to events with Gary is that it removes thought of competing for a best painted award so I don’t need to do my best paint job on the Ultras, just a table top standard which makes it a lot quicker to paint them 🙂

Anyway here they are:

IMG_2769 IMG_2768 IMG_2767


7 thoughts on “My Ultramarines so far…

    • I think your Thunderfire Cannon and Flyers might have something to say about that!…..not that it will stop me from trying 😉

      • We’ll see.

        You wouldn’t want to lose to Ultramarines though, that would be career ending!

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