The rise to ascendance continues

As Vorlath and Vidar continue to plough a bloody furrow across the star lanes, they are becoming more and more mutated and are starting to emulate their Primarch.I’ve just had 2 new models delivered by those nice chaps at Mierce Miniatures. Vorlath is carrying the Soul Shrieker a 2 handed pole arm that counts as the Relentless Blade and Vidar carries a force staff and malefic scroll. I plan to change Vidar’s head to one from the Talos kit but have put him together just to see how he looks. They both need grenades, back packs and holsters etc to 40k them up or pimp my daemon as I like to put it but you get the idea. These guys will be running with 2 big units of possessed as I am loving the randomness of the units. Anyway 1st game with them tomorrow so let’s see if they survive beyond turn 2!

DSC_0252 DSC_0253 DSC_0254






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