Winter is coming…

Long Fang codex

So I got back from training this morning and my limited edition Long Fang version of the Space Wolf codex was waiting for me. 


I actually had no intention of buying this but Gary pushed me into it (and the 2 fliers and the dreadnought…honest guv!) but I’m glad he did. 

It’s not cheap, weighing in at £110 but it is a nice bit of kit if you are a staunch Space Wolf fan. 

Having played them for 20 years I guess I qualify…

So you get 6 objective markers which are really neat. I thought they might be a bit naff plastic or something but actually they seem like good solid metal counters which are cool. They have an image on the front depicting one of the great companies emblems and on the back there is a stylised wolf head with a number 1-6 on in roman numerals. Pretty cool.

There are also 6 pieces of artwork which are nice. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, I may put them up in my studio, but either way they are quite nice. 

Then there is the companies of fenris book which is a chunky mofo. It’s a bit like a thicker version of the old Index Astartes articles in that it is a mix of background, stories, artwork and painting guides. It’s a really nice book with a nice covering and embossed writing. 

And then finally we get to the codex. 

Again it has a nice covering and embossed font on the front. 

It’s laid out like the Ork codex with each unit having its dedicated page where it has the points cost, the background and some artwork. The options are all at the front but the book has an inbuilt bookmark so it’s not really much of a problem flicking between the unit entry and the wargear section.

I’ve no idea what they will be like in the game (average is my initial guess) but we have got some cool new stuff to play with whilst some of the old favourites have taken a hit which will force people to freshen up their lists. i don’t think you will see many Long Fangs anymore for example. 

There aren’t really any bad choices in the codex but, unlike, Eldar there don’t appear to a bunch of absolute no brainer options so hopefully we will see a wide range of wolf builds.

All in all I have to say I’m pretty please with the Long Fang edition of the codex and am pleased I bought it. I wouldn’t shell that out for the special edition of every codex but if it’s an army you’ve played for years then I reckon these limited edition sets are pretty cool! 


7 thoughts on “Winter is coming…

  1. Rob, I had to get them separately.

    I’m not sure I’ll do a lot at Cardiff tbh, writing lists they are all coming out very very small as Hunters are more expensive now!

    Hoping to get some practice games in when we get back from holidays to see how we do.

    • The orks was the same way. (had to buy data cards separately). No idea why they didn’t just include the data cards. But hey, at least it’s a nice piece of kit!

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