Champions of Chaos, the musings of a conflicted soul.

There hasn’t been an event that I have looked forwards to in a very long time like I am over this one. But what to take to battle my fallen brothers?

I have 4 lists that I have been toying with and all have both merits and down sides and with time rolling on and the potential of having models to paint or convert and then paint I need to get my act together.

So a balanced force, does a bit of everything but nothing overly well.

Lord on a bike, 6 noise marines, 12 cultists, 6 possessed, 12 daemonettes, herald on a steed, 6 bikes, heldrake, aegis, predator, spawn and a sorcerer.

Fast list, in your face turn 2 with a bit of luck

Lord on a bike, noise marines and cultists, 10 bikes, 8 raptors, spawn, mauler, herald on a steed, daemonettes and fiends

Shooty list, lots of guns but not much movement

lord, 10 noise marines with blast masters, cultists with guns, contemptor with 2 butcher cannons, helbrute with twin las cannons, predator, forge fiend, 3 oblits and 10 marines with las plas.

Or an army that moves as one does a fair bit of shooting and is good in combat.

lord, 10 possessed, 5 spawn, 6 noise marines, deimos pattern predator with plasma destroyer, mauler, 5 helbrutes in formation.

I still don’t have any terminators in a list which I had fancied taking and the plasma chosen unit led by Draznicht which should put out a lot of pain. Only a flyer in one list and I really wanted to run either the eagle or the talon as you don’t see them very often.

So my real question is are you all having the same issues with composing your war band or has your choice of warriors been a no brainer for you?



6 thoughts on “Champions of Chaos, the musings of a conflicted soul.

  1. Steve. It’s been a bit the same for me. I started with a very fast assault based list but have slowly moved to a more balanced list that has a bit of everything. I’m not saying that is the right way to go but now I get to do something on every phase.

  2. That’s how I’ve tried to design my nurgle list too.

    It shoots a bit, moves a bit, fights a bit. Hopefully it will be interesting to play with and against.

  3. I thought you’d take the talon, especially if the new rules are out.
    No Daemons for me, but I will have 7 vehicles…..perhaps 😉

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