Ahriman’s fist – Champions of Chaos list

Now Steve has posted his list I thought I would do the same… Ahriman’s Fist.

termie 4


Jethro – Dark Apostle. Combi Melta. Mark of Tzeentch

10 Terminators. Assorted power weapons, two with pairs of Lightning claws, two with Reaper auto cannons, two with chainfists. MoT

8 Possessed. MoT

8 Thousand Sons. MoT

3 Obliterators. MoT

‘Cradle of Revenge’ – Dreadclaw

It really all depends if I can manifest ‘invisibility’. But which unit to put in the Dreadclaw?


4 thoughts on “Ahriman’s fist – Champions of Chaos list

  1. Interesting list and the terminators will be difficult to take down as none of us have much ap 2 weaponry. I assume that the apostle is just for fearless and hatred on the termies?

    • Either Ahriman or Jethro joins the Terminators. The possessed benefit from the Apostles hatred as well.

      You do not need AP 2 weapons if I keep rolling 1’s. 😨

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