Finished at last !

Finally complete for the Champions of Chaos event next weekend.



Ready for the fray, I just hope that the World Eaters don’t bleed on my armour too much.



10 thoughts on “Finished at last !

  1. Whoa……looking good Brother!
    But where’s Vorlath? I was looking forward to Vorlath and Nestor getting back together again to teach the Khorne dogs some new tricks.

  2. Just finished mine too. Very keen to get all the help I can so I’ve called upon the great God Tzeentch himself. Everything includes the magic number of nine. Nine terminators, nine possessed, nine Thousand Sons, three obliterators, and three vehicles. It’s small, but it is supported by the Gods themselves. Some of my opponents will have sold out their Gods in search of effectiveness…. It will not work. You are all doomed…. For I have scried the strands of fate and I already know what will happen. It is part of my masters plan. Know this. Whatever happens, I win. 😈

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