All ready for Cally 15

So eventually got my backside into gear and completed the painting rush 2 weeks ahead of the event for a change.

I had an attack of possible sanity and have dropped the Knight as the come the apocalypse set up and one eye open rules really are causing me issues. Also I really fancied defending my best chaos general title so House Devine were side lined in lieu of more models and a new approach to chaos for me. I read a good article on B&C where it was pointed out that only by chaos players is about a third of any given codex is ignored because it goes against their style, back ground or is perceived to be against the fluff. No other army does it just us. So in true rebel style [grin] I changed my list to include all 4 gods! Lets face it they did all fight together  [ish] against the Emperor and his filth, they just got a bit upset with each other later on.

PLAYER: Steve Pearce
ALLIANCE LEVEL: Battle Brothers
HQ1 : Chaos lord 65, mark of Khorne 10, Juggernaut 35, relentless blade 30, daemon heart 30, sigil of corruption 25, melta bombs 5, mutation 10. 210 points.
HQ2 : Chaos sorcerer 60, mark of Tzeentch 15 prophet of the voices 30, spell familiar 15, level 3 50. 170 points.
Elite1 : 6 chosen 90, 18, power weapon on champion 15, mark of slaanesh 12, 4 plasma guns 60, extra plasma gun 15, Draznicht 10 points. 220 points in transport 1.
Troop 1 : 12 possessed 130, 130, 26, 26, mark of slaanesh 36. 348 points.
Troop 2 : 12 cultists 50, 2×4, mark of slaanesh 12,heavy stubber 5, 7 auto guns 7. 82 points.
FA1: 5 chaos spawn 150, mark of Nurgle 30. 180 points.
FA2: 10 Raptors, 95, 5×17, 2 melta guns 2×10, mark of Khorne 10×2, Icon of wrath 15, power fist on champion 25. 260 points.
HS1: Sicaran battle tank 135, heavy bolter sponsons 20, malefic ammunition 40. 195 points.
HS2: 2 rapier weapon carriages 40, 40, upgrade to cyclothrathe conversion beamers 35, 35. 150 points.
Transport1 : rhino for Chosen unit 35 points.
TOTAL 1850 points.
No allies and single codex for Highlander.

Total points for entire army 1850.

2 Pictures one of the army and the other of my newly painted sorcerer.

DSC_0037 DSC_0039

See you in a fortnight


P.S. yes I know Gary will disown me and the rest of you will be shaking your heads as I have got Khorne and Slaanesh in the same list.


One thought on “All ready for Cally 15

  1. Thanks Steve. I think you are right. For this kind of event you need to take a mixed list. Just three wraiths for me to paint…. On Sunday!

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