Pompey trial game

So with the decision made for the Southern Division, Pete and I had a game today to try out our first draft lists.

Pete’s new model all nicely painted and ready to eat people. Note the pistachio shells used as eggs! Not in the army but too nice to miss out.


Vorlath and the spawn scream forwards after the relic of I go first forced Pete to re-roll his 6 to steal the initiative 🙂


The Dread Claw lands, Draznicht and his boys hose down the carnifexs killing one and wounding the other whilst my sorcerer casts a glamour on himself to make him look like an Ork and is turned into a Keeper of Secrets!


The carnifex and the other big thing [no idea but it looked nasty] opened fire and killed most of the Chosen, the fex charged and wiped out the stragglers.


Vorlath gets rushed by gaunts and assaulted after Pete gives them furious charge, in the ensuing combat the gaunts rip down 4 spawn before they fight back. Hmm this might have been a bad idea.


The keeper rushes the fex and kills it.


The Noise Marines rush into save Vorlath


The gaunts are hammered but synapse keeps them locked in combat.


One Noise marine to another ” did the earth just move for you?”


More reserves arrive, this is getting a bit over whelming now.


The keeper rushes over and kills the big gribbly and goes for Pete’s objective with a Venomthrope sat on it.


The stealers run at Vorlath and my sonic dred moves to intercept, a doom siren, sonic blaster and a sicaran open fire and whittle them down.


The Dread then charges and gets nuked for his trouble by rending attacks! Fortunately he blows up and kills everything bar the brood lord 🙂


Vorlath ends the combat with the gaunts and moves forward whilst the Noise Marines block off the Brood Lord.


The Noise Marines and Sicaran open up on the tunneling freak and put it out of its misery.

DSC_0034 DSC_0035  DSC_0037  DSC_0039

Vorlath and the spawn take cover behind the sandwiches as does Pete’s Swarm Lord

DSC_0040 DSC_0041

The Shrikes jump on my Noise Marines and with a flash of claws clear them off of my objective.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043

Vorlath charges the Swarm Lord and takes a wound but his sword is now at full power and he slashes down the creature and it’s bodyguard.


The Keeper summons a unit of Daemonettes who go after the Brood Lord.


Pete’s gaunts sit on my objective while the Shrikes go after a Sicaran. They fail to kill it and both of my tanks hose them down.

DSC_0050 DSC_0051

We called it there at a draw with each holding the others objective, Pete with 1st blood from my sorcerer and line breaker and me with line breaker and warlord. We didn’t roll for another turn which most likely would have seen the gaunts hosed down by the sicarans. A great game as always and next week it will the assault armies turn whilst Pete tries out a few other units.



3 thoughts on “Pompey trial game

  1. Nice one Brother. How did Pete get first Blood for the Sorceror? I thought he turned himself into a Keeper of Secrets?

  2. I thought he’d have to kill the Keeper to get first blood, similar to a character being turned to spawn from the Boons table has to be killed to give anything away.

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