Scratch built tank destroyer

So following the new Forge World release and the comments on our forum, I have had a play today and come up with my own version.

Tank destroyer pictures showing quad las cannons, power plant etc. Also a picture of the modified legs for my knight.








13 thoughts on “Scratch built tank destroyer

  1. That’s good Steve, I think the components you’ve used come together really well (plus you’ve saved yourself £50).

  2. Thanks Rob, saving the cash is useful and to be honest I really don’t use my vindi much these days as I either run maulers or Sicarans so this version should give me some long range anti knight punch.

  3. Having read the trial rules for it yesterday on the FW site I suspect they certainly will be a tank of choice for taking down Knights and Super Heavies.

  4. That should look great painted up. I prefer your version of the power cells to the Forge World bendy straw version.

  5. very very nice now all iv got to do is blow it of the battle field and I think I have the little chap to do it

  6. Nice job Steve. This kit actually looks reasonable value as you get the complete plastic Vindicator kit as well as the resin stuff. The Vindi on it’s own is £35, from GW anyway.

    • I have the multi-barrel cannons bits from the Hunter/Stalker kit over, plus a vindicator that was included in a swap deal on TWF. I can feel a conversion coming on. Is this vehicle a rival for the Sicaran?

      • Not really but it compliments them. I am running 2 sicarans and a tank destroyer currently. It’s first outing saw a long range gun fight with Matt’s tanks which thanks to the warpsmith I won so I was pretty impressed with it.

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