Knights and 1st try with Green Stuff

As you know I’ve been building a chaos Knight for sometime now and have used it in a number of configurations.

The last one was as a Crusader for an event next month which was great until I actually checked the rules pack and found that it couldn’t be more than 400 points! So a hack saw was liberally applied again and after a chat with Gary I tried green stuff on the shoulders which will be painted like flesh instead of the normal pauldrons.DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0092 DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0096

The last picture is of my new air support.



9 thoughts on “Knights and 1st try with Green Stuff

  1. Now that is a Knight that has frequented more than one establishment in the Eye of Terror…..Great work Brother.

  2. Looking good Steve, I’ll be interested to see the Pauldrons painted.
    Nice Air support aswell.

  3. I like the shoulder pads nice work pal. I have been building my own scratch built hell knight more fitting look for my flawless host. Not a big fan of the imperial knight but like the conversion work you have done.

  4. If possible can you tell me the size of the imperial knights base please? I only ask because I have made my own bases for my 3 soul grinders and defilers.

  5. Thanks! Was a big help. The base’s i have made for my soul grinders and defiler way back before the oval base’s came out are larger 190 X 120. Can’t see it been a problem but im sure they will be a few moans and groans out there. Thanks again anyway.😉

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