Wargame Exclusive

Has anyone used this site and their models/components before? If not check out the link below:-


There’s some really nice models & bits there, but I’d be interested to hear from anybody who’s used them before as to the purchase experience you had with them and quality of the models.



7 thoughts on “Wargame Exclusive

  1. You bugger Rob!!!!
    Some oh so “sweet” rotters in there.
    Pappa is whispering in my ears of the rewards! NNnnooooooooo!
    Well not for a week or two MMmmmmmmmmmmm WANT SOME!

    • I know Geoff the Rhino conversion is probably my favourite but there are lots of nice stuff on there Just for anyone interested, P&P is 4.99 Euros (well it was on my trial order which was nearly 50 Euros). The current exchange rate Paypal is giving is 1.375 Euros to a £1.

  2. I’ve ordered some of their stuff on eBay – nice to see they have a webstore. Couple models I haven’t seen too! Great find!

    Shipping took a while but the models themselves are very nice – just painted up the twin-chainsword death cultist and posted pic on my blog. Cheers!

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