Who are the Cold Steel Mercs?

Me, clearly doing well!

Hello. My name is Michael Bolton.

Long ago in the mid 1980’s a group of wargamers found themselves meeting up at tournaments across the country. The group developed a strong friendship and decided to attend future events as a group under the banner of the ‘Cold Steel Mercenaries’.

The 40K element of the Cold Steel Mercenaries now have chapters in the USA and representatives in France. They tend to keep in touch via the ‘Warhammer Forum’ and each have their own forum names – mine, for example, is ‘Grim’ although I seem to have acquired the soubriquet of ‘The Mitch’ as well!

This blog is to keep the group informed as to what each other are doing and to provide a window for the members to share their projects, stories, failures, and victories.

Anything but a 1!

“You don’t stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing” 


The number of members  ebb and flow but the 40K cadre includes the following.

Honarary Grey Beard

Steve Butler (Seldom seen –  and yet everywhere)

Full Members

Michael ‘the Mitch’ Bolton

Gary ‘Castigator’ Marsh

Neil ‘Skulltaker’ Gibbons

Rob Kancidrovski

Alex ‘the Everliving’ Fennell (USA chapter)

Steve ‘Slaanesh’ Pearce (Deep South chapter)

Matt ‘the Count’ McVeigh

Toby ‘Strategos’ McLeod

Tim Read

Brian Aderson

Paul ‘Booma’ Scott

Alex ‘Wolfy’ West

Probationary members:

Pete ‘Waaaagh’ Bradley

Geoff Hamilton

Iain Miller

Players who might be allowed probationary status if they behave!

Neil ‘Skcuzzlebum’ Kerr

James Ramsey

Tim ‘Timaa’ King

Short biographies and photographs of these individuals will be posted as they are provided or I shall make them up.


4 thoughts on “Who are the Cold Steel Mercs?

  1. How about a Rogue’s Gallery of CSM’s the Michael.

    Or are you all just camera shy?

    There really isn’t any truth in the fact that if you have your picture taken you also have you soul stolen at the same time.

  2. There was a lot of pictures taken at last years invitational and I keep hassleing Michael to post them so maybe he might get the idea if we keep the pressure on! Then we could add this years pictures to show how the CSM keep growing.

  3. Mitch,
    A little less drinking and smoking and a bit more posting (photo’s that is).
    Show us the CSM in all their glory!

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