Tzeentch list for Ribble Rumble growing by accident


Lord Elbarus Fracture

As I have mentioned before I am determined to stick to a Tzeentch Marine theme for my Chaos Marine army. The problem is that I seem to have chosen the weakest army from the weakest codex. Having said that Im really enjoying using the army and with a few more changes after the Rumble’ I think it will be as good as I can make it without changing the theme. Read on for the list and to see pictures of some of my new units including Lord Elbarus Fracture!  Continue reading

Say Hello to my little friend.

P'Kaw, the giggling God

P’Kaw, the giggling God

P'Kaw - He's back!

P’Kaw – He’s back!










The ritual had worked. It had taken all his strength but the powerful Psyker found his essence drifting through the tiny spaces within the Warp. Damian Broadcloak scanned the immaterium with his third eye. He was looking for something special, something he would only know when he saw it. Cascades of light floated from above impossibly slowly, shimmering in bright greens, blues and yellows. Blasts of jarring white lights flashed intermittently assaulting his psychic senses and the noise of a million screaming souls filled his mind. 

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First game of 7th…..thoughts

FairnessThe first thing to mention is that my overall feeling about playing 7th was that it was very different, but I really enjoyed it. Alex was frustrated about using the HIghlander rules and I understand his point of view, but as an introduction to the new elements of the rules it was an entertaining and learning experience. Continue reading