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Has anyone used this site and their models/components before? If not check out the link below:-


There’s some really nice models & bits there, but I’d be interested to hear from anybody who’s used them before as to the purchase experience you had with them and quality of the models.



Iron Hands Codex-Digital Version

So whilst in hospital recently the whisperings of Slaanesh grew ever stronger in my head, and the temptation to get one of the digital Codexs GW have been releasing for a year or two became unbearable.

I’d been considering getting a Digital Codex for a while (having had an Ipad for a couple of years), but like Gary I really like the look, feel and smell of having a real living book in my hands, and so hadn’t convinced myself to “Go digital”. 

With the temptation becoming too much it was just down to which one to get. I had a look through the Dexs available via the Itunes store, discounting those I already had in hard copy and was left with about half a dozen titles, all being the new “Codex Supplements”.

I was aware that these books disappointingly had little extra rules, unit additions etc. but were filled with oodles of fluff aswell as special missions for the army. So which one to get? In the end the draw of the Emperor was just too strong for Slaanesh (and with the recommendation of a mate who’d already got it), so I plumped for Clan Raukaan (Iron Hands Space Marines) Codex Supplement.



At 118 pages for £24.99 (which was really only £12.50 as I’d picked up a few £25 Itune cards on offer at half price from Tesco), I actually thought it was pretty good value in comparison to some of the rule books GW have recently churned out, those having around 50-60 pages for anything between £20-£30.

The book is broken down into six sections, the first being how to use the book! Section two is all background (and pretty good it is), with section three being the glossy photos. Section four is the additional rules both for fielding Iron Hands but also, Altars of War, Echoes of War and Planetstrikes special rules allowing an Iron Hands Army to be utilised in all the different additional rules sets for waging war in the 40K Universe GW have produced.

Moving on section five is the Alter of War Missions (new missions for standard 40K games but centred around Iron Hands), whilst section six is yet more new missions but based around the fluff provided regarding decisive battles of Clan Raukaan throughout it’s 10,000 years of history.

My eCopy of Clan Raukaan is the interactive Ipad version that’s £5 more than the standard pdf ebook but allows you to click on icons and get up close photos displaying detail of some of the painted minatures, aswell as clicking on wargear or rules titles and it then bringing up another window containing all the relevant information you require.

Whilst I’ve read about 50% of the book so far and do like what I’ve read (content wise), I’m still not sold on the digital versions over and above a hard copy. However GW have now come to their senses (from a business perspective) most of the time, and the general rule of thumb (there are a few exceptions) is as follows, pdf ebook version £20, Ipad version £25, Hard Copy £30.

I think for me whilst I can get a hard copy of a book at the same price as the Ipad version I’ll stay old school (The new Imperial Knights both versions at £25). Where as when the hard copy is more expensive (The Red Slaughter £25 Ipad/£30 Hard Copy) I’ll probably be tempted to go digital.



Space Marines (The Next Generation) & your 2nd Mortgage.

Well here you have it, retail prices for all the new Marine items that will be available from 7 September.
Codex £35! (yes another £5 more than the most expensive HB Dex’s we’ve so far had)
Librarian £18 (Plastic single figure pack)
Captain £18 (Plastic single figure pack)
Tactical Squad £25
Sternguard Squad £30
Vanguard Squad £25
Centurion Squad £47.50
Stalker £40
Strikeforce 140
Reclusiam Command Squad £55
So no Shitecast, that’s good, but lets look at some of the prices.
Yet another £5 on the codex £35 quid this is now becoming daylight robbery when you consider the last Marine Dex released just under 5 years ago was £15 RRP!
Librarian & Captain £18 each! It’s certainly good that they’re not Shitecast but again £18 each is daylight robbery, especially considering what figures you get in the Dark Vengeance boxset & the cost of the current Marine Commander with all of its extras.
Tac squad £25 I’m not sure what new stuff you’ll get in the box but a slight rise from the current £23, I can live with that.
Sternguard squad £30, on the face of it £30 for 5 plastic non Termie minatures appears to be excessive, but I’m not sure what’s in the box so I’ll reserve judgement.
Vanguard Vets £25, OK a standard Assault squad is £20.50, and the Shitecast current edition are £25.50 so whilst I’d like them to be cheaper £25 is pretty fair (given GWs current pricing of models.
Centurions £47.50 (I believe for 3 models) Jesssssssssssus, and I bet these will be 1 of 2 must have for the WAAC gamers out there.
Stalker (new Rhino Anti air tank) £40, yet again another £5 increase against its Predator/Vindi/Whirlwind equivalents, which I feel are overpriced themselves anyway, but £40 for 1 Rhino size model is extortionate, but my suspicion is that this will be the 2nd must have from the new Marine releases.
Strikeforce £140, I don’t know what’s in it so I can’t comment.
Reclusiam Command Squad £55, again I’m not sure exactly what’s in this but I believe online rumours suggest new plastic Chaplain, Razorback & Command squad with a Command squad & R/back currently costing you £45.50 if true gives you a Chaplain for £9.50, but this seems to be the only way you’ll be able to get him, by shellingout on a R/back & Command squad you may not even want.
Finally GW have also decided to release some more coloured sprays again @ their extortianate £10 a can. These are unsurprisingly Green (D/Angels), Red (B/Angels), Blue (Ultra tarts) & can anyone guess the last colour?
Yes you’ve got it Grey (Wolves).
So overall it seems that for even those gamers who’ve got plenty of Marines, to keep up with the arms race is going to be rather an expensive affair this autumn.

Enter the Citadel

Well I’ve been meaning to get this article posted up since my return from Lenton last Saturday, but what with Family stuff, work and other random stuff thrown in for good measure today’s my first real opportunity.


Pre Event

So Enter the Citadel, I wasn’t even aware of this event until I stumbled across it on 10th July (the Wednesday before the event) as I took a browse through Facebook having been sent a Friends request. Continue reading

Eldar Craftworld Iyanden army add on Codex

m3260082a_2So for those of you that haven’t heard, GW have now announced the up cominng release of their new Iyanden Codex for Eldar. Initially I was pleased to see that Games Workshop have invested some time and energy in expanding the current vanilla Eldar Codex. However on further investigation I discovered that this Codex is not it’s own stand alone army book as for example The Blood Angel/Dark Angel/Space Wolf books, but an addition to be used in conjunction with Codex Eldar.

OK, that’s no too much of an issue in itself and as I enjoy the full spectrum of 40K (Gaming, modelling, painting, and all the fluff contained with the rules, Codi, and Novels), I can live with that, until of course we hit the punchline. This addition to your bog standard Eldar Codex isn’t £10, it isn’t £15, it isn’t even £20 (the cost of GW’s last cash cow regarding flyers within 40K), no this little baby will cost those of us silly enough £25. But this £25 is as I mentioned earlier, in addition to the £30 of your hard earnt cash that you’ve already shelled out on buying the generic Eldar Codex in the first place, £55 just to use you chosen Eldar force.

So my question the readers is, What’s your take on this new marketing ploy taken by GW? From my perspective I must say I’m really rather disappointed. In the same week GW announce that they’re not going to be putting the prices up on any of their models this year, we then get hit with the £25 price tag for this supplimental Codex.

Whilst I don’t personally play Eldar, and as such could live having not made this purchase without any major dent into my gaming enjoyment. However as I have done since 40K was first released (way back in 1987) I’ve collected all the rules and army books for all races. This has been because of my interest for all things 40K and also because I like to have at least some knowledge of the armies I will be facing when I play.

Now I’m well aware that some people out there will just say “If you don’t like the cost then don’t pay it”, and that is one option open to all of us when we find cost becoming restrictive to making a purchase, but for me it’s more than just a decision to buy a book or not. For me it’s the fact that if Games Workshop have taken this tac with Craftworld Iyanden, is this their longer term plan for all races in the future.

Whilst I fully accept that GW don’t release books/models/games for any real reason other than making money, there seems to be no limit as to how far they will exploit their customer base to achieve that aim.

From my perspective where if these “add on” army books had been £10 or even £15 I would probably have invested in purchasing all of them, now I don’t think I’ll be inclined to purchase any, and I’m strongly considering whether it’s even worth purchasing the generic Craftworld Eldar either. I’ve adopted a similar mindset regarding my business with Sky TV, in so mach as if I have it then I’ll pay a fair price and have it all, but I’m not either going to pay an extortionate price to have half of the service or an extortionate price for the full service, it’s either all or nothing, and as such I’m able to utilise the facility of Sky TV but on a raft of evolving discounts (I’m open to PM’ing if any of you want hints and tips on getting a good deal with Sky).

So the bottom line for me really is, at what point will GW realise that they can keep on making a reasonable profit from loyal customers who will keep coming back or they can charge ever increasing higher prices but the liklihood of those loyal customers keeping their business with them will diminish.

This isn’t “nerd rage” but rather disappointment with the fact that at some point sooner or later GW will push it too far with the result of them ceasing to be a business and thus 40K/Warhammer and their other systems dying off. If you think I’m wrong then just look at their Specialist games, and Warhammer Ancients. Once GW stop producing rules and minatures for these systems the cohesion of the relavent gaming communities is lost with the result of gamers turning to other better supported and reasonably priced gaming systems.

And for those of you that have kept on reading and want to see the GW article here’s the link



Wonders will never cease!

imagesWell hot off the press from GW HQ, they have announced that this year there will not be the usual price increase on any of their models or books. The only products that will be getting an increase in price are those produced by a third party manufacturer, thus paints will be increasing by 10p a pot to £2.40 each and Sprays will increase by only 30p, but making the GW Sprays an eye watering £9.80 a can.

I never thought I’d see the day but there you have it, it would seem that with the UK having been in recession for nearly five years, even GW have now acknowledged the fact that Joe Public has less disposable income.

Now what shall I spend my Pocket money on?



The Finecast experience (Part 1)

Well since Games Workshop’s new Finecast project burst onto the Gaming/Hobbying scene last summer I’ve ignored both the hype and the naysayers and waited to see for myself how the replacement for White metal would fare.Apart from getting a box of the Dark Eldar Wracks which I only opened to inspect (and wasn’t very impressed with due to excess flash and broken components), I didn’t own any other Finecast miniatures until my wife bought me three of the Necron characters for Christmas. Continue reading