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What A Wonderful Hobby – Maulerfiend


I was hoping to post up a bit of an article about my Maulerfiend…..but unfortunately wordpress has changed its interface and everything is now so incredibly long winded compared to how it use to be, that my days of posting on here are over 😦

So I’m off to find a blog site that is a bit more user friendly……Adieu!


New Edition, New Options.


Now that 6th edition is at an end, the slate has been wiped clean and new options present themselves with the release of 7th. Although 7th isn’t a complete overhaul from 6th, there are enough changes to whet the appetite and tempt you to try something different………unless you’re only interested in competitive tournaments and then Eldar, Tau and Daemons still reign supreme…..

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What a Wonderful Hobby – Shaithis the Penitent


Shaithis was the captain of the Castigators’ first company,leading the Chapter’s elite Terminators in countless actions. Whispered by some, although not within Nestor’s earshot, to be a future Chapter Master, he displayed all the characteristics one would expect to find in someone who had risen to such a high position. His cruelty and arrogance earned him few friends within the higher echelons of the Chapter, but success is a seductive mistress. 

It was during the attempted assault on the Space Station Voidspan that Shaithis’ hubris finally caught up with him. Tasked with securing a beach-head, his arrogance led to the Castigators being virtually wiped out and the destruction of two of the Chapter’s precious Helbrutes. Although Shaithis’ broken body was recovered, rather than allow the flesh-smiths to heal him, Nestor ordered him interred within the sarcophagus of one of the destroyed Helbrutes. Shaithis the Penitent is a reminder to all…..the price of failure.

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