Caledonian Uprising 2014… six sleeps to go!


Fate Stealer - Watcher over a lonely Universe

Fate Stealer – Watcher over a lonely Universe

Is Caledonian 2014 the lastof the big events? Does the proliferation of rules mean more choice or will players ignore the opportunities and choose to carry on trying to use ‘comp’ to fix a system that is supposed to be broken! Continue reading


Bjorn does the Ribble Rumble

Sounds a bit like a dodgy adult film doesn’t it!

The Ribble Rumble is fast approaching and I’ve been busy beavering away with a list I want to take. Having finally committed to playing purely for fun it has been very liberating writing lists tbh. No longer am I agonising over whether something is effective or not, now I’ve just taken a bunch of cool stuff.

This is the list I am hoping to take to the Rumble if I get it painted in time. Continue reading

AOBR – The Beginning Of The End

Festus roared a curse as he mashed a great gauntleted fist into the smoking carcass of the soul grinder ‘dereliction’. The dead lights had faded from its eye sockets and rank smears of daemon flesh writhed and bubbled as they phased back into the warp. ‘Tosis Mire’ and his pale incantations had been unworthy of the Plague Fathers glory. His admonishment was long past due but the way he had almost bested Nestor in single combat had shown so much promise Festus would give him one more chance, but should he fail!!

Now the Castigators had a stronger position than ever it was all going wrong,  Nestor should have been weakened in the eyes of his effeminate god, instead he had been risen and elevated in the pantheon of pleasure and thanks to the pervertions of the Castigators’ Chief Sorceror, had used this power to call upon a warp storm so vicious that air power was impossible

Now festus would have to meet Nestor in battle on his terms , not a good proposition, however by manipulating the pride of the dark princes puppet, certain constraints would be imposed, forcing a ground war would certainly favour the death guard art of war. The longer he could draw out this little engagement the less likely Nestor would remain……..unsullied. Continue reading

Bristol Rampage 2013 – Part Deux

After the first two games, and two glorious victories, I was riding high. I was feeling a little out of my depth but I’ve been here before and knew that I was going to play some good players with rock hard armies. My only thought was ‘please don’t choke’.

No one could have foreseen what would happen? Could Ben’Son lead his Cohort to total victory? Read on dear reader…read on and be amazed.

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Bristol Rampage 2013 – part 1


Battle of Leipzig.

Battle …but not as we know it!

There was a slightly disappointing turn out to this year’s Rampage event. Only 18 players rolled up on the day but the calibre of players was high and the armies competitive. Some old campaigners were there and a good selection of armies. There was no composition scoring and no limits on units so it was all up for grabs. The room was large and with only 18 players there was plenty of space. It was nice to be able to move about and have somewhere to leave your kit. The hotel was excellent and these events in hotels are very easy to get used to. Anyway, what happened on the day? Well  dear reader, it all started like this…

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AOBR – Breakthrough

The war council listened intently as Lucian Soulbinder, Chief Sorceror to the Castigators, addressed them.
“The corruption spread by Typhus to the acolytes has left the soul shrine unstable. The warp is seeping through the fracture now that the Mechanicum’s acolytes are no longer capable of holding it in check.”
“So the door has been opened….” interrupted Nestor “Can we make use of it?”
“We are too far away from the fracture and time is against us, my Lord…” continued Lucian “at least without some sort of catalyst to expedite matters.”
Nestor leaned forward, his interest piqued while the rest of the war council glanced at one another nervously. Many of them had had dealings with Lucian in the past and all realised that such services came at a price.
“And what form would such a catalyst take, my friend” enquired Nestor, relishing his war council’s discomfort.
“With the majority of Mechanicus acolytes dead the arcane technology holding back the rigours of the warp has started to degrade causing spacial and temporal distortions in the local vicinity. Imagine reality as a frozen lake and the soul shrine as a small crack in the ice. Along the web of cracks water seeps through. If one was to puncture the ice slightly, the cracks would spread rapidly to that point and more water would seep through…”
“Yes, yes, but without a sacrifice of thousands, which we don’t have, what could puncture reality?” said Nestor impatiently.
“Another Daemon could, my Lord…” replied Lucian. “Of course, such a thing would take a great toll on the Daemon, but reality is so thin here that it shouldn’t expend all of his energy.”
The relief of the war council was palpable. Smiles spread across their faces as they realised the reason that Korath was missing from the meeting.
Nestor sat back and contemplated the agonies that such a ritual would be for Korath.

“The experience of becoming a Daemon Prince would pale into significance compared to the exquisite torture that leeching him of his immortality would bring. I almost envy him.purred Nestor
“Proceed with ritual, Lucian.”
“As it pleases you, my Lord” replied Lucian as he left the council… Continue reading

Assault On Black Reach – Force Supremacy

Festus wafted a pudgy hand through the foetid steam that formed the display of the holo vid, his informant from the Legio Cybernetica had been pivotal in providing positional recon on the Castigators. The timely arrival of a heldrake had eased the testing of their strength; it was only his own over confidence that had meant he hadn’t come through the skirmish unscathed.

He was under no illusions that the Dark Mechanicum were playing one off against the other, if that was their game, then who was he to refuse?

A push in the right place to inject a little fecundity to the drop site courtesy of an old ally from the legion should keep the Castigators busy while he licked his septic wounds and mustered a host to secure the Dark Mechanicum’s services for himself. Continue reading