An extensive bits box…!

So my time moonlighting as an engineer is rapidly drawing to a close and I have, and will have, a lot more spare time to actually live life a little.

One advantage is more hobby time!

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Alex calls Ragnar off the bench!

Do these specs make me look clever?

One of the younger, and prettier, members of the Mercs is Alex West. He has a beautiful Space Wolves army and explains his plans for early 2012…

So I’m taking Ragnar to the Caledonian Uprising. I’ve been looking for an excuse to convert and paint a Ragnar model for a while now and with the larger points size of Caledonian plus the body of the metal wolf guard model in my bits box it seemed like the perfect excuse to put my limited conversion skills to work and make myself my very own superstar of the Space Wolf Chapter. Continue reading

Castigator’s New Eldar

Castigator in traditional combat posture

Greetings and salutations.

Welcome to my dark and twisted corner of the Cold Steel Mercs blog. With the sad demise of my Witch Hunters and my beloved Castigators becalmed within the Warp I thought it was time to work on a new army. After much deliberation I settled on the Eldar of Craftworld Saim Hann.

Tim Interrupted!

Just an update to keep anyone who is interested that Tim has informed me he may not be able to complete his challenge in time for the Invitational. There are very good reasons for this very poor showing but I shall let him explain himself in the replies below.

Of course Tim is still coming to the invitational – wild horses couldn’t stop him – he said!

Necron Warrior painting

Finished but not based. They look like they have lain undisturbed for millennia!

I wanted a simple technique to create my Necron warriors so that they looked good but didnt take long to paint. My aim was to have them look aged and worn and in addition I was determined to challenge myself by using a limited palette of colours.

I hoped they would look ancient but that the ‘workings’ would seem well tended during their aeons of slumber. The armour would be well worn but the moving components a glistening perfect silver!

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Thousand Sons…It begins!

The first of the few!

After years of prevarication my first Thousand Sons unit has rolled of the creaking production line. As usual there will be a number of reasons that the rest of the army is delayed, primarily as I try to paint a few Necrons in the mean time! Let me know what you think.