Pompey trial game

So with the decision made for the Southern Division, Pete and I had a game today to try out our first draft lists.

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What A Wonderful Hobby – Maulerfiend


I was hoping to post up a bit of an article about my Maulerfiend…..but unfortunately wordpress has changed its interface and everything is now so incredibly long winded compared to how it use to be, that my days of posting on here are over 😦

So I’m off to find a blog site that is a bit more user friendly……Adieu!

The elephant in the room…

Every now and again a marvel happens.

Something that defies the laws of nature and wows the onlooking crowd.

That happened the weekend just gone at a social club in Preston.

Gather round as I tell the tale of how a cheesy list, pure luck, my lucky dice and 5 opponents really bad dice resulted in me having the privilege of a plastic skull with glowing eyes sat on my bookshelf for the next 12 months!

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