Updated Invitational draw

Change is a process, not an event!

Some drop-outs have necessitated  a slight amendment to the draw. I have kept any changes to a minimum.

Check it out below.

Alex West (Guard) v Chris Swaine

Allen El Sour v Courtney Rhodes (Orks)

Gary Marsh (Eldar) v Pete Bradley (Orks)

Mystery Player!  v Tim Read (Tyranids)

Iain Miller (Blood Angels) v Steve Pearce (Eldar)

James Ramsey (Sisters) v Rob Kancidrowski (Blood Angels)

Matt McVeigh (Tau) v Michael Bolton (Necrons)

Neil Gibbons (Daemons) v Charlie McLeod

Neil Kerr (Hells Angel Marines?) v Tim King (Orks)

Paul Scott v Toby McLeod


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