Space Marines (The Next Generation) & your 2nd Mortgage.

Well here you have it, retail prices for all the new Marine items that will be available from 7 September.
Codex £35! (yes another £5 more than the most expensive HB Dex’s we’ve so far had)
Librarian £18 (Plastic single figure pack)
Captain £18 (Plastic single figure pack)
Tactical Squad £25
Sternguard Squad £30
Vanguard Squad £25
Centurion Squad £47.50
Stalker £40
Strikeforce 140
Reclusiam Command Squad £55
So no Shitecast, that’s good, but lets look at some of the prices.
Yet another £5 on the codex £35 quid this is now becoming daylight robbery when you consider the last Marine Dex released just under 5 years ago was £15 RRP!
Librarian & Captain £18 each! It’s certainly good that they’re not Shitecast but again £18 each is daylight robbery, especially considering what figures you get in the Dark Vengeance boxset & the cost of the current Marine Commander with all of its extras.
Tac squad £25 I’m not sure what new stuff you’ll get in the box but a slight rise from the current £23, I can live with that.
Sternguard squad £30, on the face of it £30 for 5 plastic non Termie minatures appears to be excessive, but I’m not sure what’s in the box so I’ll reserve judgement.
Vanguard Vets £25, OK a standard Assault squad is £20.50, and the Shitecast current edition are £25.50 so whilst I’d like them to be cheaper £25 is pretty fair (given GWs current pricing of models.
Centurions £47.50 (I believe for 3 models) Jesssssssssssus, and I bet these will be 1 of 2 must have for the WAAC gamers out there.
Stalker (new Rhino Anti air tank) £40, yet again another £5 increase against its Predator/Vindi/Whirlwind equivalents, which I feel are overpriced themselves anyway, but £40 for 1 Rhino size model is extortionate, but my suspicion is that this will be the 2nd must have from the new Marine releases.
Strikeforce £140, I don’t know what’s in it so I can’t comment.
Reclusiam Command Squad £55, again I’m not sure exactly what’s in this but I believe online rumours suggest new plastic Chaplain, Razorback & Command squad with a Command squad & R/back currently costing you £45.50 if true gives you a Chaplain for £9.50, but this seems to be the only way you’ll be able to get him, by shellingout on a R/back & Command squad you may not even want.
Finally GW have also decided to release some more coloured sprays again @ their extortianate £10 a can. These are unsurprisingly Green (D/Angels), Red (B/Angels), Blue (Ultra tarts) & can anyone guess the last colour?
Yes you’ve got it Grey (Wolves).
So overall it seems that for even those gamers who’ve got plenty of Marines, to keep up with the arms race is going to be rather an expensive affair this autumn.

8 thoughts on “Space Marines (The Next Generation) & your 2nd Mortgage.

  1. I’m guessing that the Codex will be the largest dex to date, so that will probably be the reason for the cost. Although I’ve never played Marines, I’ll get it for reference as they’re the standard that everything else is worked out from…..although I’ve always wanted to do a White Scars or Raven Guard army, so who knows? 😉
    You’re probably right that the Centurions will be a ‘must have’ because I can’t see anybody buying them for aesthetic reasons :D, but at £47.50 I think I’d be looking to convert some.

    The prices rises do concern me because I think GW are very near to the tipping point and if they’re not careful they will alienate their customer base sooner, rather than later. Fortunately, I don’t keep up with the meta game, so I’ll still buy things that I want, but the more competitive gamer may well decide enough is enough, which will have an effect on the number of gaming events around.
    In the long term, GW’s pricing policy is saving me money because impulse buys have gone out of the window these days.

    • It doesn’t sound too bad tbh. The codex will be huge so better value than the others even for an extra fiver.

      The sprays excite me as long as they match the paint pots but I would need a purple spray for my next army anyway….!

      In a sick way I’m intrigued to see how high GW push their prices because, like Gary says, they are nearing the tipping point. I’m actually surprised they haven’t gone over the tipping point already.

      But then who buys from GW anymore anyway?

      • Alex you ask who buys from GW, but they continue to manipulate the market. They will not supply anyone who sells their products on the likes of eBay, they also will not supply anyone who breaks their kits down and sells them as components. I’m aware that in the States retailers can only sell the goods at GW RRP, and more recently they’ve been allowed to stop anybody breaking down their kits and selling them commercially, where ever they were sourced from.

        Even over here in the EU they stopped suppliers sending goods outside of the EU and having forced all GW stockists to have either a bricks & mortar stores or Websites 4-5 years back they have yet again surpassed themselves with the latest Stockists agreement stating they will now only supply a trader if they have a bricks & mortar store, giving people 5 months to acquire a premise or no more toys to sell. Additionally they’re manipulating the market with their new policy of staged releases of their new rule books in Ipad, digital and hard copy formats, and with some of their models only ever being direct only releases ultimately they’re able to control the market to an ever increasing extent as they’re not just the supplier but the manufacturer to.

        I totally agree re tipping point as there’s no way if one of my kids came to me and said they wanted to get into GW games I’d be paying their silly prices. Given the current economic climate I’m srprised that they’re still performing so well. The only problem is that if they do end up as a casualty of the recession who fills the void?

  2. I think you misunderstand GWs market. There is no ‘tipping point’ for two main reasons. First, hobbies are recession proof and inelastic. Therefore purchases are not affected by price. Whether we like it or not someone is still buying their stuff at these increased prices.

    Secondly, their market is driven by kids who spend a lot and parents , like me, who buy things to keep the little blighters happy. Better this than hours on Facebook!

  3. So who’s up for splashing out twice the price of your hard earnt cash to get a copy of the limited edition Chapter Specific cover at a princely sum of £70?

    Anybody going to be dragged into the 21st millennium and buy the Ipad version?
    Having checked the Ipad copy is £40, rather than £35 for the hard copy, which is rather annoying however on checking the description on ITunes the Digi copy has a new Army builder style facility, so may be interesting to use.

    • I can’t call anybody if they do…..I bought the Slaanesh version of the Daemon Codex (blush) ;-).
      If I had an iPad I would be interested in the digital version.
      When you say it has an army builder facility I assume you mean just for that particular Codex?
      Personally I think that is a very interesting option and it’s a shame the other dex’s don’t have that facility.

      • My understanding of how it’s described in the Itunes store is an Army builder just for that particular Dex, but I may be wrong.

  4. If I was a long standing collector of one of the codex chapters I would definitely be buying the limited edition book.

    I know I will be buying the limited edition Space Wolf codex for example, guaranteed.

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